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Strengthening the Peer Support Workforce

Peer support was recognized by a few pioneer professionals as early as the 1930s, such as neuropsychiatrist Abraham Low and psychologist Albert Bandura.  Only recently has the field of mental health care begun to use the benefits of peer support through the implementation of a peer specialist workforce. Much change needs to occur to make the full shift toward a comprehensive wellness-based recovery system of support. 

Supporting Increasing Community Participation: Introduction to Community Inclusion for Peer Providers 

The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion invite you to participate in a 90-minute webinar on, Supporting Increased Community Participation: An Introduction to Community Inclusion for Peer Providers. Exciting new research suggests that increased community participation is related to greater feelings of wellbeing and recovery. This introductory, yet highly informational webinar will provide peer providers and their allies a foundational understanding of the relationship between community participation and recovery and wellbeing. It will also explore the key role that peers can play in supporting increased community participation. 

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