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Our Focus Areas


Statewide Consumer Empowerment


Join mental health consumers in assigned regions to support and create statewide partnerships that strengthen consumer-run programs and organizations.  Work with consumers to build and re-inforce consumers as united power players in all areas of mental health services in their state.


Youth Leadership Development 

Work with youth-led consumer-run organizations to support and nurture new and creative programs and plans that produce positive results for young adult consumers.

Implementation of EBP & Self-Help Services within Consumer-run Organizations 

Work with consumer-run groups to bring evidence-based WRAP and other self-help services that will produce positive results for consumer leaders and participants.

Education & Training of EBP& Self-Help Services for Veterans from the war in Afghanistan & Iraq  

Provide support for consumer-run organizations and their partner agencies to bring evidence-based WRAP and other self-help services to the veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Implementation of Best Practices for Consumer-Run Organizations and Peer Specialists 

Work with and assist consumer run organizations to understand and put into practice the best strategies to enhance all areas of the mental health system (e.g., business, organizational, programmatic and technological) with a consumer-first perspective.

National Focus: Peer Specialists 


Build a strong, unified peer support coalition by providing all peer specialists with information including federal and state laws and a variety of educational opportunities.  Working with INAPs, DTW will create and maintain database, which includes certification requirements, experts and contacts.

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