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SEM I: Introduction to WRAP and Mental Health Recovery Study, Developing Your Own WRAP

WRAP Seminar I is for anyone who wants to learn about WRAP® and begin to incorporate it into their life to improve personal wellness and achieve an improved quality of life. The course is designed to be highly interactive and encourage participation and sharing from all present. The course also lays a broad foundation for building a peer workforce.  Successful completion of this course fulfills the prerequisites for being trained as a WRAP Facilitator. 

Learning objectives:

Following successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the Five Key Concepts of Recovery to their everyday life to improve their quality of life.

  • Identify tools and action plans to counter the negative effects of life challenges and improve responses to disturbing thoughts and feelings to achieve improved states of wellness.

  • Describe the history, foundations and structure of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan®.

SEM II: WRAP Facilitators Certification Training

This five-day intensive training for certification of WRAP Facilitators is co-facilitated by Certified Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators using the Copeland Center’s standard five-day agenda. Participants in this certificate course are provided with Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland’s WRAP® Facilitator manual and learn how to use this manual to facilitate WRAP workshops using techniques that support a core set of values and ethics.

This training is appropriate for anyone who would like to lead WRAP® groups, work with others to develop their own WRAP, and give presentations on mental health recovery related issues to groups or organizations.  Participants are expected to have a solid working knowledge of WRAP and share their experiential knowledge of how WRAP can work. Before attending the training, it is expected that you have completed a Seminar I WRAP® and can illustrate WRAP® through personal examples using WRAP® in your own life. 

SEM II Refresher: WRAP Facilitator Certification Refresher

The WRAP Refresher is an interactive course co-facilitated by Copeland Center Advanced Level Facilitators to sharpen and expand facilitation skills of WRAP Facilitators to further engage groups in the Wellness Recovery Action Planning. In order to improve skills and stay informed regarding effective approaches to WRAP Facilitation continued learning is imperative.

Recommended for WRAP Facilitators to enhance knowledge and skills with WRAP and to get updates on implementing WRAP as an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). 

Through attendance in this course WRAP Facilitators will:

  • Recognize expanded options on how to give effective group introductions.

  • Identify additional knowledge areas, values, and ethics of WRAP.

  • Apply at least one new skill to sharpen and expand group facilitation skills.

  • Develop new and creative approaches to facilitation to accommodate participant challenges and differing group needs.

SEM III: Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Certification Training

The Copeland Center Training for Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators is an interactive course that sharpens and expands facilitation skills for training WRAP® Facilitators- facilitators that will ensure the continued availability of WRAP®, the Key Concepts, and a core set of Values and Ethics to whomever it might benefit. It is run by a select group of Copeland Center Facilitators/Mentors who are experienced in facilitating groups. These Facilitators/Mentors work closely with the Center's current findings and effective facilitation approaches through a partnership with the Executive Director and Mary Ellen Copeland.

This five-day intensive training for certification of Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators is co-facilitated solely by Copeland Center trainers with oversight provided by the Executive Director. Participants build on their experience as WRAP® Facilitators using the Copeland Center Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators Instruction Manual in order to conduct Seminar II WRAP Facilitator Trainings in their community or agency. Certification requires submission of evaluations, video demonstration, successful completion of a knowledge assessment and mentoring. This workshop is for people who have completed the Seminar II WRAP® Facilitator Training and who have facilitated at least five Seminar I WRAP® workshops as a WRAP® Facilitator. 

For additional information on the requirements contact Katie Wilson, Director of Operations,


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CI: Facilitating Community Inclusion & Peer Support Training

The Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery and Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion have partnered together to develop and offer a training and technical assistance package to assist with the implementation of practices and tools to promote community participation for people in recovery through the skills of Peer Support.   

This is a five-day experiential training for the peer support workforce.  Through the learning objectives for this course participants will: Describe the community inclusion fundamentals that guide recovery. Apply 1:1 facilitation skills in supporting a peer in recovery to increase their participation and contributions in the community of their choosing. Utilize tools for identifying, addressing, and improving policy and organizational changes to improve community inclusion outcomes. Expand their community connections and supportive networks to promote community wellness. Identify experiential exercises involving the use of the TUCP and other tools to facilitate the community inclusion journeys of individuals through peer support. 

WE: Wellness Engagement Training

WE Training is a self-directed structure for people who want to work one on one or to educate and support constituents to implement support groups. It is ideal for mental health peer support specialists, people who support someone facing a challenge, and anyone who wants to enhance their ability to empower others to activate planning in their lives. In this training, participants learn skills that can take peer work deeper to encourage others to take practical steps for their own wellness.

Personal mental health lived experience opens the door for us, but it’s our relationship skills that create change in people’s lives. WE training translates the values and ethics of peer support toward working collaboratively, creating healthy relationships, and identifying starting points for exploring wellness and action planning. You will learn techniques to engage people to recognize their own abilities and their power to plan for themselves. Additionally, this training can assist with the challenge of engaging people in their own wellness. 

WE Training compliments WRAP®, eCPR, Recovery Coaching, Mental Health First Aid, WHAM, supported employment, and other practices as well as being a powerful tool for peer support specialists.

Topics Covered:

  • Healthy Relationships as a way to understand healthy boundaries.

  • Understanding the concept of structure as a tool to support someone to create self-directed plans when one’s life is in chaos - Plans within Plans.

  • Tools to create self-sustaining peer support groups with shared power relationships.

  • How to use language as a doorway to connection and a way to get started on the pathway to recovery.

  • How to engage others in Crisis Planning after a difficult challenge.

  • Tools to more deeply understand personal wellness and how to develop actions steps as a process of maintaining a well peer workforce

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PG: Peer Generation Youth Empowerment Training

Peer Generation is a 3-day workshop developed for youth and emerging adults to identify personal pathways to empowerment, resiliency, and wellness.  In this interactive, upbeat training participants are given the opportunity to learn about the Peer Generation Movement of empowered young leaders. This course offers a mutual learning environment based on Foundations of Resiliency that include: Hope, Connection, Self- Determination, and Meaning.  Through the exploration of personal strengths and creative self-exploration activities, youth are given the opportunity to get in touch with who we are and the cultural and personal experiences that have formed us. Through this powerful path of personal self-discovery, youth are invited to explore ways of using our own personal strengths to not only support our own journey toward wellness but to strengthen the communities that are supportive to us. This training is culturally grounded and focuses on practical ways to be inclusive toward the diversity of communities and experiences. Youth who attend this training are given the opportunity to explore their life dreams and goals and provide them with a transferable self-help tool to explore their own knowledge and discover steps that will continuously support them in reaching the goals they set to achieve. All Peer Generation workshops are facilitated by youth facilitators. Must be between the ages of 18-30yrs.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain an understanding of the Foundations of Resiliency.

  • Participants will learn practical ways to participate in community, honoring differences in intersecting identities.

  • Participants will develop clear, self-identified strategies for wellness and resiliency.

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This was developed under grant number SM082653 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The views, policies, and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of SAMHSA or HHS.